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How To Deal With Your Pollen Allergy

Posted on June 30, 2014

Allergies are a nuisance all year round, but summertime seems to bring about many more allergy triggers, with the biggest one being pollen. Being outside and enjoying the warm climate becomes difficult when you’re dealing with itchy, watery eyes.



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Pollens can be hard to avoid, but understanding what they are and how to minimize your exposure can help you protect your eyes from allergy symptoms:

What are pollens?

Pollens are tiny grains released from plants that are carried through the wind to cross-pollinate other plants for reproduction. With pollen in the air, it can end up in a person’s eyes leading to a possible allergic reaction.

How can I minimize my exposure to pollen?

–          If possible, use air conditioning instead of opening windows

–          Stay inside when the pollen count is said to be high

–          Avoid mowing the lawn and being around freshly cut grass

–          Wear sunglasses when outside (you should be doing this even if you’re not allergic!)

–          Give your pet frequent baths as they can bring pollens inside your home

As the temperatures rise, so does the amount of pollen in the air. Take the necessary precautions to ensure that your exposure is minimal so you can fully enjoy your summer!

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