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Eye LASIK Austin has been the facility of choice for thousands of Central Texas patients and over 215 eye doctors since 2000. What drives this success? Simply put, Eye LASIK Austin is Central Texas’ LASIK authority. Our philosophy is simple; we want the best for our patients. To achieve this, we have combined an incredibly skilled staff, the nation’s most advanced technology, and a true care for our patients’ needs to deliver great outcomes. Our bladeless technology and vision experts at Eye LASIK Austin can treat and improve essentially any refractive eye condition and will help you choose the procedure that is best for your unique eyes.

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Our Advanced Vision Correction Procedures

Not all LASIK is the same and Eye LASIK Austin has been performing all laser procedures (no blades) for over 10 years. We offer some of the most advanced eye surgery procedures currently available with most surgeries taking less than 15 minutes! One of our highly trained and experienced staff will meet with you, let you know the different treatment options available, and decide along with your surgeon which procedure is the best fit for you.

  • iLASIK

    Simply put, iLASIK Surgery is the most advanced form of laser vision correction available today. We at Eye LASIK Austin know that you want the best for your eyes, and iLASIK is the highest technology available. 95% of our LASIK patients emerge with 20/20 or better vision, making LASIK a great bladeless corrective vision choice for many patients.

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  • RLE

    Patients over the age of 40 struggling to not only see in the distance but also to read are often great candidates for Refractive Lens Exchange. RLE replaces your eye's clear natural lens with an artificial intraocular lens to correct your refractive error and achieve sharper focus, reducing or eliminating your need for reading glasses or bifocals.

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  • CXL

    In addition to our most common procedures, Eye LASIK Austin offers additional options for correcting near vision such as the KAMRA corneal inlay as well as Corneal Cross-Linking (CXL) for patients with keratoconus or keratoconus symptoms. Our finger is on the pulse of the newest in technologies and we are proud to offer procedures that have been FDA tested and approved to treat our patients.

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The Latest Technology with Austin’s Most Experienced Surgeons.

Eye LASIK Austin utilizes the most technologically advanced surgical equipment available today combined with Austin’s leading and most experienced surgeons. Our staff works with your current optometrist to pair you with the surgeon and procedure that is right for you. Don’t have an optometrist? With over 215 partner doctors in Central Texas, chances are we have a doctor in your neighborhood!

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The Clarity You Want with Payment Options You Can Afford

For many people, LASIK may be one of the most important decisions they’ll ever make. Finances alone should not be an obstacle to obtaining the lifestyle that laser vision correction offers. Our goal is to make vision correction affordable for any budget. Eye LASIK Austin is friendly to many methods of financing, including Care Credit, VSP vision insurance (one of only three locations in Austin that accepts it!), FSAs and most other plans.

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Just How Affordable is LASIK? How Much Can I Save?

Have you ever considered how much money you spend on contact lenses? With time, the cost of wearing contacts adds up to a lump sum that could be spent on enjoying water sports on Lake Travis, traveling, or the overall freedom you can achieve by having LASIK done. Use our calculator to quickly calculate the cost of wearing contact lenses—you may be surprised at the savings you may achieve with LASIK.

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Meet the folks who call us #EYELASIKAWESOME

We know that the idea of surgery, especially surgery on your eyes can be a scary prospect! We strive to not only meet, but exceed your expectations with LASIK surgery. See for yourself in the words of real patients what their positive experience with EYE LASIK Austin was all about!

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