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It is important when researching LASIK to know that not all LASIK is alike. In fact, the type of procedure your friends or family member may have had several years ago is quite different from the technology being used today. Unfortunately, many centers today still use outdated technology – making corneal flaps with bladed devices and using non-wavefront guided lasers to treat. We live in a time of history where technology is rapidly advancing, and at Eye LASIK Austin we pride ourselves on always delivering the safest, most precise technology available to treat our patients.


  • Correcting your vision begins with a unique treatment plan, created by proprietary wavefront-guided eye-mailing technology known as iDesign.
  • iDesign technology was originally developed for high-powered telescopes.
  • Measures over 1200 points of light passing through your visual system and generates a treatment that is 25 times more precise than conventional measurements used for glasses and contacts.



  • The iFS Intralase technology is widely known as the most proven and safest option for treatment. The iFS creates a thin flap customized to your unique eye shape. This device is the gold standard for the formation of a flap without using a blade in LASIK. This blade-free method is one of the reasons our re-treatment rate is one of the lowest in the industry.

iFS Intralase

Iris Registration

  • Not only can your eye move up or down, but it also rotates, much like the steering wheel on a car. Using the precision mapping of the iDesign, it is important to deliver that wavefront treatment onto the correct portion of the cornea, taking into account any eye movement or rotation. Iris registration allows us to use missile defense-type technology to recognize landmarks unique to your iris and follow those landmarks all throughout treatment.


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