Brad Pitt

9 Celebrities Who Got LASIK And Never Looked Back – 2019

Want to know the hottest new celebrity trend? LASIK! LASIK has been helping Hollywood’s biggest stars get better vision and ditch their glasses for years. From actors to musicians to athletes, countless celebrities have taken the plunge and got the results they were looking for with laser eye surgery. The... Read More »

7 Halloween Costumes You Can’t Wear With Glasses

It’s that time of year again – that’s right, it’s autumn and Halloween is just around the corner! Let the Trick-Or-Treating begin! Unless you wear glasses, that is. If you wear glasses, you’ve probably grown to hate Halloween. After all, what costume choices do you really have? Most famous characters... Read More »

Jennifer Lopez

11 Celebrities With The Most Beautiful Eyes Ever

Famous eyes! Celebrities are known for their beauty, and you know what they say about beautiful people: they often have beautiful eyes too! We’ve put this theory to the test by putting together our top list of celebrities with breathtaking eyes. See for yourself! Did we miss any of your... Read More »

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