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9 Celebrities Who Got LASIK And Never Looked Back – 2019

Posted on February 12, 2019
Brad Pitt

Want to know the hottest new celebrity trend? LASIK!

LASIK has been helping Hollywood’s biggest stars get better vision and ditch their glasses for years. From actors to musicians to athletes, countless celebrities have taken the plunge and got the results they were looking for with laser eye surgery.

The thought of any surgery – especially involving your eyes – can seem scary at first. If you’re thinking about booking a LASIK appointment for yourself, it’s totally normal to be feeling a little intimidated. One way to put your doubts and fears to rest is by seeing how great LASIK has made the lives of some of your favorite stars!

We’ve put together a list of the biggest celebs out there that are now living the LASIK life. Let’s take a look!

  1. Brad Pitt

    Whether he’s playing a charming-but-dangerous wildcard in Fight Club or a world-saving everyman in World War Z, Brad Pitt is a Hollywood hunk known for his impeccable facial symmetry and timeless good looks. It seems like Brad didn’t want to hide his perfect face behind a pair of glasses forever! He sprang for LASIK and never looked back. After all, what’s the one thing better than being good looking? How about being able to look good and see well!

  2. Reese Witherspoon

    While she’s possibly most well known for her knockout performance as June Carter in Walk The Line, Reese Witherspoon definitely doesn’t need any help walking straight lines anymore – because her vision is flawless! Even though she may have rocked a pair of glasses as unlikely law student Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, glasses are definitely no longer Reese’s go-to accessory.

  3. Kim Kardashian LASIK

    Want to keep up with the Kardashians for real? Well, you’ll have to get LASIK then! Kim Kardashian, reality megastar and all-around ultra celebrity, famously underwent laser eye surgery on her TV show and absolutely loved her results. While she may have been a bit scared at first, she was back to contouring and taking selfies in no time.

  4. LeBron James

    What does it take to be one of the greatest athletes of our generation? Crystal clear vision! If LeBron wants to take Cleveland all the way to the championship, that means he needs to keep his eye on the ball. Staying focused while he’s dribbling down the court is easier than ever with the help of LASIK! Alley-oop!

  5. Elton John

    If you’re keeping your glasses just to look cool, there’s no need! Just check out Sir Elton – he got LASIK years ago and still manages to rock eccentric shades at every opportunity. You know how Elton famously said goodbye to the yellow brick road in Goodbye Yellow Brick Road? You’ll be saying the same thing – goodbye – to your glasses after you get LASIK!

  6. Al Yankovic

    Any 90s kids out there will remember that glasses were a crucial part of Weird Al’s identity back when he dropped Amish Paradise and had his own kid-oriented TV show. However, after years of poor vision, Weird Al decided to make himself a little less weird and get LASIK. If the world’s greatest parody songwriter can ditch one of his trademark accessories for better vision, why can’t you?

  7. Drew Carey

    If you watched TV in the late 90s and early 2000s, the odds are that you saw Drew Carey at some point. Whether it was as the host of the American import of Whose Line Is It Anyway or on his very own, ultrazaney, self-titled sitcom, Drew’s sarcastic sense of humor and signature thick, black-rimmed glasses always stood out. Believe it or not, even though he recently appeared on Community sporting glasses again, Drew actually got laser eye surgery years ago. Apparently, he only still rocks glasses so that people can still recognize him – talk about commitment to the bit!

  8. John Goodman

    From The Big Lebowski to Roseanne to The Flintstones, John Goodman has been a classic fixture of modern American cinema and television for years. While he famously sported an eyepatch in O Brother, Where Art Thou?, his eyes are free from any obstruction ever since he had his vision corrected with the help of LASIK.

  9. Courteney Cox

    Will LASIK be there for you? Yes! Just like it was there for Courtney Cox when she wanted better vision. The FRIENDS star credits LASIK with saving her career – she was almost legally blind before getting laser vision correction. Although she was once one of the highest paid actors on TV, you really can’t put a price on perfect vision.

Think you’re ready to join the list of people who love their LASIK results? Let us know! We’d love to set up a consultation for you.

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