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7 Halloween Costumes You Can’t Wear With Glasses

Posted on October 8, 2015

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It’s that time of year again – that’s right, it’s autumn and Halloween is just around the corner! Let the Trick-Or-Treating begin! Unless you wear glasses, that is.

If you wear glasses, you’ve probably grown to hate Halloween. After all, what costume choices do you really have? Most famous characters don’t wear glasses (especially since there are only so many times that you can dress up as Harry Potter), so you aren’t left with many options that won’t leave you stumbling around all night or getting irritated eyes from wearing contacts for the first time in forever.

Thankfully, with the help of LASIK, you can now wear any Halloween costume that you want! A killer costume is within your reach this year; all you have to do is book an appointment ASAP and soon you’ll be getting on track to living a glasses-free lifestyle. To help you realize that this is the only choice you should be making, we’ve put together a collection of all the awesome costumes that you can’t wear with glasses. Here we go!


Wearing glasses while trying to pull off this look will have you looking a little too Clark Kent and not nearly enough like Superman. Ditch your frames or risk looking like a timid journalist instead of an almighty alien in blue tights. Superman has the powers of a superhuman AND x-ray vision, why on Earth would he need glasses?


Thinking about dressing up as everyone’s favorite Mortal Kombat character? Yeah, I said it – take THAT Subzero! Seriously though, if you go LASIK-less with this costume, you’ll be giving a whole new meaning to Scorpion’s signature catchphrase: “Get over here”. Meaning, you’ll be saying it to get a better look at your friends who will appear as blurry, multi-colored blobs floating around the room (and not to pull off a sweet finishing move that you’ve been practicing since you were 5).

Princess Leia

The leading lady of the original Star Wars series looks dorky enough with her distinctive dual cinnamon bun hairstyle; show some mercy and avoid wearing glasses if you’re thinking of dressing up as Leia this Halloween. Use the force… the force of LASIK!


Want to be an Ice Princess this year? Elsa would never wear a pair of glasses – unless they were made out of ice. Are your glasses made out of ice? I didn’t think so. No Elsa for you this year – unless you book a LASIK consultation right now. Live out your Disney dreams with LASIK! You’ll be holding your glasses over a trash can and “letting it go” in no time!


Let’s face it, wearing glasses with a Minion costume is just despicable. Minions are already perpetually wearing tight-fitting goggles, if you try and sneak some glasses under there, you’ll just end up looking flat-out goofy. This is definitely going to be the most adorable costume of the season, so you don’t want to miss out! Throw away your glasses, start practicing your Minionese, and get ready for a Halloween that you won’t forget.

Jack Skellington

As any angst-ridden child born in the 90s will tell you, Jack Skellington is a nostalgic, emotionally complicated icon that will always be a hit at Halloween. I mean, he’s the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town! You couldn’t get more Halloween-y if you tried. Thinking about wearing glasses and going out as Jack this Halloween? Think again. Jack doesn’t even have eyeballs. You will look incredibly silly.

Julius Caesar

Ah, the Roman emperor so great that he had a haircut AND a cocktail named after him – what a perfect choice for Halloween. While Caesar is always a popular Halloween option, there’s one major problem with trying to pull off his signature toga-and-crown look with glasses – modern eyeglasses weren’t even invented until the 13th century in Italy. Are you worried about how ridiculously historically inaccurate you’ll look with glasses on? You should be.

Don’t get stuck being Velma or Colonel Sanders again this year. Getting LASIK means getting the Halloween costume you deserve! Book your consultation today.

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