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All About LASIK: 10 Benefits of Corrective Eye Surgery

Posted on December 4, 2019
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Did you know that corrective eye surgery has a 90 percent success rate for giving patients 20/20 vision? The rate is even higher for the minimum 20/40 vision that most states require to drive without glasses or contacts.

If you’ve worn glasses or contacts for most of your life, you know all the hassles. You have to care for them daily, get your prescription updated, and put up with all the costs associated. 

The good news is that corrective eye surgery can help you live a better lifestyle and see clearly. If you’re worried about the costs, know that the majority of patients even save money when you consider long-term costs of glasses and contacts.

Read on for 10 benefits of this treatment that will answer the question, “Is LASIK worth it?”

1. More Convenient Lifestyle

Almost immediately after you get LASIK surgery, you’ll benefit from a more carefree lifestyle. You’ll find that having to put on and remove your glasses or contacts at the start and end of each day will be a thing of the past. You also won’t have to worry about cleaning glasses or contacts each day.

Participating in sports becomes easier too since you don’t have to worry about breaking your glasses playing contact sports or using special prescription goggles to swim.

2. Nearly Immediate Vision Improvement

Did you know that you’ll likely notice some improvement in your vision just hours after your eye surgery? The results get even clearer in a few days to a week after your procedure. You’ll probably see maximized results around the one-month mark.

3. Long-Term Cost Savings

Did you know that getting corrective eye surgery can actually save you money over time? After all, think of the money you spend on contacts, glasses, and accessories.

While LASIK costs around $4,500 on average in the U.S., you may benefit from discounts through your vision insurance. You can also get financing through vision correction surgery centers that will make the procedure more budget-friendly.

A LASIK savings calculator can show you the financial benefits you’ll get.

4. Mostly Permanent Results

You might worry that LASIK won’t be worth it since your eyes may change later. But did you know the results are typically permanent? 

When small changes in visual acuity occur, they may not even impact your daily activities like driving and reading. You can likely also get an enhancement if necessary.

5. Boosted Self Confidence

If you wear glasses all the time, you may feel self-conscious about them. They might not go with your favorite outfits, or they might seem to get in the way. You might also have very thick lenses that annoy you.

When contacts don’t work well for you, you might feel stuck, but corrective eye surgery can improve your vision so that you can go without glasses and feel more confident about your appearance.

6. Low Risk Surgical Option

While you might have heard that LASIK had a lot of risks in the past, rest assured that modern technologies have made the procedure safer than ever. Serious complications don’t happen often at all.

Some patients encounter minor annoyances like dry eyes and glares for a while after surgery, but most minor side effects go away within the first few months after the procedure.

7. Positive Impact on Eye Allergies

Do you experience itchy and watery eyes during allergy season? If so, wearing contacts can make the problem worse. Touching your eyes can mean you get pollen in your eyes and pollen even from the air can rest on your contact lenses while you wear them. At the same time, allergens can build up on the lenses over time if you don’t have daily contact lenses.

Getting corrective eye surgery won’t solve all of your allergy issues, but it will get rid of the added symptoms contact lens wear brings.

8. High Patient Satisfaction

Did you know that 96 percent of patients are happy about their corrective eye surgery results? Not only does this show satisfaction with their improved vision, but patients report high satisfaction not having to deal with the hassles of using glasses and contacts.  Can you imagine another surgery with such a high satisfaction rating?

When you choose LASIK eye surgery, you can rest assured that you’ll very likely find the procedure worth it! Your eye surgeon will help you find the type of LASIK procedure that gives you the best results for your unique eyes.

9. Nearly Painless Procedure

When you think of corrective eye surgery, you might imagine something very uncomfortable and painful. After all, you probably picture something cutting into your eyes. But did you know that the LASIK procedure actually comes with little to no pain at all and at most modern LASIK surgery centers, there are no blades or needles?

Your eye surgeon will use some numbing drops that go into your eyes before the procedure so that you won’t have to feel pain. If you feel anything, it will just be some pressure.

You also won’t have to worry about getting stitches and the discomfort involved.

10. Quick and Easy Recovery Process

Not only is LASIK eye surgery itself pretty smooth sailing, but the recovery usually happens quickly and without serious issues. You mainly have to just avoid rubbing your eyes during recovery to prevent infection or loosening the flap and use your eye drops as directed.

The 12 hours after the procedure, you can expect some minor side effects like watery eyes or red spots on your eyes. However, your surgeon will give you some eye drops that will help ensure a smoother recovery and keep your eyes lubricated.

You’ll go to your first follow-up appointment the day after your surgery and may have a little discomfort in your eyes a few weeks. However, any discomfort shouldn’t impact your daily life and will continue to fade away in the future.  Your eye doctor will be monitoring your healing at your follow-up visits.

Learn More About Corrective Eye Surgery Today

Now that you’ve seen the positive impact that corrective eye surgery can have on your life, learn more about the LASIK treatment options available. You might also go check out some actual stories from patients to hear their experiences.

If you want to move forward, your next step is scheduling a consultation. This will allow you to better understand the vision improvement you can expect, ask questions, and learn about the ways you can finance the procedure.

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