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The Cost of LASIK vs. Contacts and Glasses

Posted on May 14, 2015

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How much is your vision worth to you? When you crunch the numbers, the true cost of great eyesight becomes quite clear. Even though it might seem like glasses and contacts are more affordable than LASIK surgery, the cost of refilling your prescriptions can get pretty pricey over time! Lasik vs. Contacts – What’s the right choice?

To help you make the best decision about which option is right for your eyes, we’ve put together a breakdown of the cost of financing LASIK in comparison to paying for contacts and glasses.

The Cost of Glasses

The average pair of prescription eyeglasses will run you around $300. Not so bad, right? Wrong!

For argument’s sake, let’s say you’re a 25 year old grad student right now. A $300 pair of prescription eyeglasses definitely seems like a reasonable expense right now, but let’s put your purchase into perspective for a moment. A pair of prescription eyeglasses will last you about a year before needing to be replaced (that’s another $300, by the way). Planning on sticking with glasses for the rest of your life? That could cost you well over $18 000! That’s a pretty steep price to pay for decent vision and having to deal with an annoying pair of frames on your face for your whole life.

The Cost of Contacts

Okay, so maybe glasses aren’t the best value. What about contacts?

If you think contacts are going to be cheaper than glasses, you’re kidding yourself. Sure, a year’s worth of contacts will be between $220 and $250 – but you’ll need more than just contacts. Contact lens solution will be another $150 to $200 per year. That means a total of almost $500 a year just to wear contacts! Run the numbers on that and you’re looking at a lifetime cost of about $27 000. That’s insane.

The Cost of LASIK Eye Surgery

Even though LASIK surgery has a reputation for being a pricier option, it’s a one-time fee. Meaning you worry about it once and then you’re set for life, unlike glasses and contacts that have you coming back on a yearly basis to pay more and more. Plus, with our financing plans, you can pay no interest and no money down for up to 24 months!

Tired of breaking the bank on glasses and contacts? Set up your LASIK consultation today.

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