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9 Times Your Glasses Ruined Your Summer Vacation

Posted on May 28, 2015


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If you wear glasses, then you know that it isn’t always a picnic. Glasses are annoying, cumbersome, and can downright get in the way of you living your life. We’ve put together a collection of some of the most frustrating scenarios that glasses can cause during the summer. Whether you plan on travelling or staying at home, your glasses are going to find some way to make your life miserable. They’re creative like that!

Take a look! Can you identify with any of these? Maybe it’s time that you considered kicking your spectacles to the curb and finally having a summer vacation that you can enjoy:

Music Festivals

Planning on enjoying the hot weather and hitting up one of the many cool music festivals around the country this summer? I bet you wish you could leave your glasses at home. Between jumping around at shows and getting lost in seas of people, it can be all too easy to misplace your glasses and have to spend the rest of your music festival experience squinting at the stage. What’s the point of going if you won’t even be able to see the artists that you came for?

Hot Days

Speaking of enjoying the heat, that lovely warm weather can be a nightmare for you if you wear glasses. Between your lenses getting all fogged up from the humidity and having your glasses slide down your nose every two seconds from sweat, glasses can really turn any summer day into the emotional equivalent of a melted popsicle (sadness, I’m assuming).


Yeah, there’s nothing quite like jumping into a massive body of water and not being able to tell some seaweed from an octopus. It may seem hard to believe, but most people can actually still tell what’s going on when they go swimming since they don’t wear glasses.


One of the best parts of getting a nice tan is when it leaves you looking like either a raccoon or the Hamburglar. Not! Glasses really ruin your chances of finally getting a nice, even, all-body tan. Especially after you worked so hard to get rid of your t-shirt tanlines!


Want to see the world this summer? Of course, you do! Taking a backpacking trip to Europe or Southeast Asia can be a fantastic way to experience completely different cultures and learn a little about yourself too. One problem: these trips are a super easy way to lose your glasses. Sightseeing just isn’t quite as fun without, well, sight.

3D Movies

Sometimes it’s necessary to take a break from that hot summer heat by hiding out in a nice, air-conditioned movie theater. It’s really too bad that most summer blockbusters also happen to be 3D movies, I guess you better get used to wearing another pair of glasses over your glasses. Too bad they don’t make clip-on 3D lenses, huh?

Scuba Diving

Have you been dreaming of one day discovering the beauty of one of the world’s magnificent coral reefs? Great, now you can look at them through your wonderful glasses – with goggles over top. Just like 3D movies, glasses make you double up on your eyewear, making you look extra goofy (and extra annoyed).


Let’s face it, summer can’t be sunny all of the time. It’s going to rain and when it rains, it really pours for folks who wear glasses. If you don’t want to carry a mini-squeegee with you everywhere, you’re going to be stuck with a wet view of the world – especially if you plan on traveling anywhere with a rainy season.


Don’t have prescription sunglasses? Well then you’re going to have to make a choice: your vision or your vision. When it comes to ultraviolet rays, you don’t want to mess around and risk putting your eyes into harm’s way. You’ll definitely want to choose your sunglasses which will unfortunately leave you unable to see anything around you (but at least you’ll be safe).

Yes, it looks as though your glasses are about to put a huge damper on your summer vacation. Want to have great vision and enjoy your summer? Book your LASIK consultation now.

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