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Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month

Posted on August 19, 2014

When August arrives each year, we can’t help but wonder: “Where did the summer go?” Although this means the end of days at the beach or pool, and the end of late nights and no homework, many kids begin to get extremely excited for their return to school. The mental checklist begins to form in their heads, and as they get a new backpack and new pencils, they’re closer and closer to their reunion with friends and teachers.

There’s often one thing that doesn’t find its way on the back-to-school checklist and yet it’s one of the most important – an eye exam.

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Having your children’s vision checked could lead to improved performance in the classroom. If they’re unable to see what is on the blackboard, chances are it will begin to affect their concentration and motivation to do work. Once your child is over the age of 3, it is particularly important for you to take them for regular exams. Typically, young children are unable to tell if they have poor vision and will not speak up about it, as they believe their vision is normal.

If you find that your child has trouble reading, squints their eyes, sits close to the TV, tilts their head or covers one eye often, take that as a sign that they may have vision problems. More than 12.1 million school aged children in America have some form of vision problem. Make a comprehensive eye exam part of your child’s back-to-school routine!

Also use this month as an opportunity to discuss the importance of eye safety with your children. Kids participate in many activities and although they’re fun, they can also put their eyes in harm’s way. Teach your child the importance of protecting their eyes while playing sports, and even simply playing with toys as anything has the potential of damaging the eyes.

Your children are precious, especially their eyes. Help them to learn the importance of protecting them from a young age. Don’t have an eye doctor? Let us help you find the closest eye doctor to you in the Austin area.

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