The Importance of Protecting Your Eyes From The Sun

The importance of wearing sunscreen and protecting our skin has become a priority in the summer months, but we are forgetting to also protect something else. Our eyes! Did you know that the second you walk out into the sun without sunglasses, you are instantly damaging your eyes? With vision... Read More »

How You Can Get LASIK On Any Budget

Your health should always be your top priority, regardless of your financial situation. At Eye LASIK Austin, we firmly believe that everyone deserves to have great vision and we’ve worked hard to offer a wide variety of payment options that are guaranteed to fit any budget. Whether you’re a student,... Read More »

How Do Optical Illusions Work?

  Optical illusions are images that we perceive differently than they actually are. They can be fascinating, intriguing and at times very mind-boggling. Interestingly enough, the word ‘illusion’ comes from the Latin word illudere, which means ‘to mock’. By now you’ve probably seen The Dress that went viral back in... Read More »

9 Times Your Glasses Ruined Your Summer Vacation

  If you wear glasses, then you know that it isn’t always a picnic. Glasses are annoying, cumbersome, and can downright get in the way of you living your life. We’ve put together a collection of some of the most frustrating scenarios that glasses can cause during the summer. Whether... Read More »

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