How To Find the Right LASIK Surgeon in Austin

More than 12 million people in the United States alone have some level of vision impairment. If you would like to improve your eyesight with the help of a LASIK surgeon, you'll first need to choose a good surgeon in Austin. While this might sound like an easy task, you'll actually need... Read More »

Contact lens on womens finger.

10 Reasons Why You Should Stop Wearing Contacts

What if you could stop wearing contacts? Millions of people around the world wear them on a daily basis. It seems much easier than glasses, right? It gives the illusion of having perfect vision without having to wear frames on your face. That may be true, but there’s an even... Read More »

Doctors and a Patient on Eye Surgery.

7 Top Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best LASIK Surgeon

Around 600,000 people get LASIK each year, making it an excellent alternative to improving your eyesight. Deciding to get LASIK is a big decision and once you do that, you need to find the best LASIK surgeon to perform the procedure. Evaluating the top LASIK surgeons is a daunting but essential task.... Read More »

Picture pointing out a young girls eye.

Who Is a Candidate for LASIK Surgery?

285 million Americans have been diagnosed with a vision impairment. 35% of them could fix their issue with laser eye surgery, but far too many don't. One fear keeping them away is that the procedures are dangerous, but the truth is that they have high success and low complication rates. Another fear... Read More »

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