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9 Celebrities Who Got LASIK And Never Looked Back

Want to know the hottest new celebrity trend? LASIK! LASIK has been helping Hollywood’s biggest stars get better vision and ditch their glasses for years. From actors to musicians to athletes, countless celebrities have taken the plunge and got the results they were looking for with laser eye surgery. The... Read More »

How You Can Get LASIK On Any Budget

Your health should always be your top priority, regardless of your financial situation. At Eye LASIK Austin, we firmly believe that everyone deserves to have great vision and we’ve worked hard to offer a wide variety of payment options that are guaranteed to fit any budget. Whether you’re a student,... Read More »

7 Halloween Costumes You Can’t Wear With Glasses

It’s that time of year again – that’s right, it’s autumn and Halloween is just around the corner! Let the Trick-Or-Treating begin! Unless you wear glasses, that is. If you wear glasses, you’ve probably grown to hate Halloween. After all, what costume choices do you really have? Most famous characters... Read More »

How Your Vision Changes As You Age

Many great things come with age: wisdom, maturity, retirement – but, unfortunately, there are many vision changes that you need to be on the lookout for as you get older. While some of these changes are normal parts of the aging process, there are many diseases and dangerous conditions that... Read More »

"I got my vision and hugs from Lucy the LASIK bear!"

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